Louise Fiddler

July 3, 2015 Louise Fiddler

Homecare specialist goes extra mile for Warrington carer

Searching for support, Louise Fiddler from Great Sankey enlisted the help of homecare provider, Community Life Choices (CLC).

Despite being one week before Christmas, the team worked quickly to implement a care plan and the necessary support within just a few days.

Louise’s son, Joseph, was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy at the age of four. The extent of his condition left him unable to speak and his complex care needs mean consistency and reliability is a must.

Louise explains: “Within just two days of us working with CLC, we were introduced to Joseph’s new personal assistant, Carly, who has proven invaluable in the support she provides us with.”

Shortly before, Louise’s mother has fallen ill with terminal cancer, to which CLC’s support became even more invaluable.

Louise continues: “The first session Carly spent with Joseph gave me the opportunity to see my mum and spend those precious final hours with her before she sadly passed away.

“It was such an emotionally draining time for the whole family and I’m forever grateful that CLC was able to work fast and grant me those final moments with my mum.

“The care and assistance that they provide has been life-changing. Carly cares for Joseph for six hours every Saturday to give me the break I need. Most people don’t realise that being a carer means that you’re on the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“It’s also reassuring to know that my son is safe and being cared for in the best possible way. In the six hours he spends with Carly, they attend the Warrington Play & Sensory Centre, go swimming and enjoy walks in the park.

“This regular respite support helps me to plan my activities without any worry of being let down and having Joseph’s confidence knocked all over again. It also allows me to spend more time with the rest of my family, such as watching my other son play football, which has significantly increased the quality of life for all of us.

“The rate at which CLC arranged Joseph’s personal assistant was fantastic and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a care provider that can help individuals live comfortably and support their entire family.”

Community Life Choices offers advice and support to adults and children in need of personalised health and social care services.

The home care specialist was recently appointed by Warrington Borough Council as an accredited provider of support services to disabled children, young people and their families who may need additional support.

For more information contact info@communitylifechoices.co.uk or 01772 804088.

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