Jeanie Crangle

December 8, 2015

After a routine operation to fix a recurring slipped disk left 60-year-old Jeanie Crangle worse off and unable to work, she turned to the care sector for help. Following a stint of poor care, particularly from agency workers standing in for council support staff, a recommendation helped Jeanie become her own boss.

Jeanie, from Aberdeen, said: “My life just changed all of a sudden. One day I had a job and the next I was wondering how I was going to live.

“It’s shocking the care I’ve experienced in the past. Some people out there really shouldn’t be in this job, but the beauty of the payroll service is that I get to employ the people who I want to support me.

“I’ve had problems with my hands for a number of years and they’re misshapen from knuckle replacements, which means I find hands-on tasks very difficult.”

Jeanie has received payroll support from Community Life Choices for more than two years and her directly-employed carers visit every day to assist with a range of actions that involve using your hands, such as showering, dressing, household chores and shopping.

Jeanie added: “The beauty of payroll is that I get to employ my own carers who understand my situation, which stops me from feeling embarrassed and also means I have a better relationship with those I know and trust.

“Community Life Choices sort everything out for me. I give them my hours and they do the rest. All the paperwork is taken care of, which takes away the hassle of being an employer, like having to work out holiday pay, tax etc.

“I wanted to go with a company that I can talk to and understand me and that’s exactly why I chose Community Life Choices. I explained what my needs are and they help to take away all the stress.

“I would recommend payroll services and direct recruitment to everyone as it’s the best way to get fantastic care and support, without the added hassle.”

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