Iain Mellis

May 26, 2015

Lancashire care provider gives new lease of life

Following a poor experience with a past care provider, Iain from Preston, believed he would never receive the personalised care and support he required. But after an introduction to Preston-based care provider, Community Life Choices (CLC), his life changed for the better.

As a result of a life-altering accident, 66-year-old Iain has quadriplegia, a paralysis which means he has very limited use of his arms and no use of his legs, whilst also experiencing spinal problems on a daily basis.

Due to the nature of his condition, Iain must be moved carefully from his bed to his wheelchair with the use of a hoist, which is why he requires constant care from two personal assistants (PAs), four times per day, seven days per week.

Iain and his 70-year-old wife have received home-based support from CLC since February 2014, which includes personal care and hygiene assistance.

Iain said: “After dealing with a number of unreliable and inexperienced carers in the past, I became sceptical about the type of help I would receive from another provider. But after meeting CLC and talking through the range of personalised services, I began feeling more confident and optimistic about the future.

“I’m supported by a number of PAs and each is skilled, friendly and goes the extra mile to ensure I’m happy and comfortable. They’re a necessity as they provide me with the freedom to move around my home.

“The staff are also very respectful of my wife and my home and help to reduce the workload for us.

“CLC has enabled me to achieve things that I couldn’t do before. The PAs are currently helping me to stand with the aid of a standing frame so I’m able to move more independently and become less reliant on future support – but this is an ongoing process.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CLC to anyone in a similar position. The support I’ve received has helped to remove the stress from our everyday lives whilst ensuring that I continue to live as freely and independently as I choose.”

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