Personal Assistants

Personal assistants support clients’ personal health and social care needs, assisting people with the daily tasks of living that many people take for granted.

Adult PAs

Anyone eligible to work in the UK can work as a PA to an adult client following a successful DBS check. This can be a very physical role and requires a friendly personality and an ability to empathise.

The role will vary with each individual client but tasks may include help with showering / washing, assistance with moving in and out of bed, dressing and using the toilet and participating in local community activities.

Children PAs

If you’re eligible to work in the UK and you pass a DBS check, then a career as a PA working with children may be right for you.

These roles usually offer flexible hours and will enable you to make a positive difference to a family.

The role may involve working with a child with physical or learning disabilities, behavioural difficulties or autism and you will need to take a positive approach to fit in with your client’s family life.

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