Children & Families Support Advisors

Supporting our clients in selecting the right care options to meet their needs is central to our values at CLC. Our children & families support advisors play a key role in delivering this aim.

With the introduction of personal budgets for care services, many families are uncertain of how to secure the best value from their available spend and our advice signposts them to a tailored approach that fits their needs.


A Day in the Life

Unsure whether a job as a children & families support advisor is for you? Read our day in the life account of what it really involves:

Paula Alderson

Children and families support advisor

Day in the life of Paula Alderson, children and families support advisor at Community Life Choices

I’d like to say that I have a typical routine, but every day is different.

First stop of the day is to one of my clients. I’m currently supporting a lady that cares for her autistic grandson, which involves providing assistance with his morning routine such as shaving, dressing etc. I’m always eager to get to know my clients and their families and ultimately build up a strong relationship that’s full of trust.

Upon arriving back to our Preston headquarters, I usually dedicate my morning to writing tenders. A major part of my role is to help increase our client base across the North West, which means continuing to attract new clients and secure professional partnerships.

The job can prove challenging at times, but it’s also very fulfilling. It’s so rewarding being able to help care for other people and it requires a special kind of person who is patient, organised and most importantly, hardworking. It may sound like a cliché, but the people really are the best thing about the work I do.

My role also involves building up a network of contacts with organisations such as playgroups, carers and family support groups. Connecting with these types of groups enables me to provide advice and assistance to parents who may be feeling isolated or families with questions about the progress or welfare of their child.

Afternoons are usually devoted to organising meet-and-greets between families and potential PAs to ensure there’s a strong connection before pairing. We recently helped a family with a young autistic child that was struggling to decide between a mainstream or special school. We recommended a PA who is currently undergoing training to teach in specialist schools and has proven invaluable in helping them to make an informed decision.

Later on in the day I’m back in my role as a PA, working alongside another member of the team to provide care and support for a severely autistic teenage girl. To help boost her confidence in social situations, we like to make use of the good weather – when we have it – and take her out.

Every day presents fresh challenges and rewards but I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

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