Our most important priority is to support individuals so they have choice and control over their own social care and support needs.

In 2007 the Government published “Putting People First”, a shared vision and commitment to finding new ways to improve social care in England. This paper outlined the Government’s vision of enabling people to live independently whilst having complete choice and control in their lives. This is known as Personalisation.

Personalisation is about putting individuals firmly in the driving seat so that they receive support when, where and how they want. The range of services provided by Community Life Choices has been designed so individuals remain ‘in-control’, whilst also supporting the objectives of the Personalisation Agenda. 

We work with a wide network of companies, groups and providers to ensure that our services match individual wants and needs. By partnering with organisations and public sector services including local authorities and health services nationally we deliver a consistent and quality service that is in tune with the demands of our clients.